About Us

BTV is a company builder—inventing, building, and scaling startups with leading corporates worldwide.

We’re experienced in building

Corporate digital business units
Digital transformation projects
Product or service development solutions for corporates


With our experienced team of digital experts and entrepreneurs, we shape the digital transformation in business and society. We have the strategic talent to do the right things at the right time. We have the execution power to put innovations on the road. And we have the passion to accompany companies and organizations through change and to empower them. We are part of a unique ecosystem of start-ups, corporations, and public partners – executing the digital transformation in a holistic and sustainable way.

With BTV on your side, you not only get western trained consultants, but a respectful execution team with courageous thought leaders, ambitious founders, creative minds, who develop energetic ideas and implement them methodically and hands on together with your team and board members. We help your organization & employees to make sustainable innovations and businesses.